Fresh Bionik SE - Fontalicious

Fresh Bionik SE

The year is 1975. You are a super undercover bad ass. You are so tough, you karate kick random people on the street. High class mafioso pick up your tab at the finest restaurants. You have your own theme music and you have your own font, Fresh. Its smooth and streamlined, just like you. Cut to present day; you are 40 lbs. overweight, laying on the couch sipping a warm Schlitz and watching Ricki Lake. The mobsters and theme musicians have all abondoned you years ago. But the font hasn’t changed. You need the money for lotto tickets and bus fare, so you decide to sell your last prize posession to Fontalicious for a measly 15 bucks. “Take care of this little baby,” you sigh, as you wonder what untold fortunes the famous font foundry will generate from such a superstar font. You drift asleep on your raggity couch, never knowing Fontalicious gives away your precious gem to millions of designers around the world.
c. 04-20-2002

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