Stretch - Fontalicious


I like it when people write in and ask for the unusual dingbat set. Folks, Backstreet Boys do not need a dingbat set, trust me. However, some people actually conjur up some pretty interesting little idears. Janet Erwin’s laundry list of dingbat ideas includes:

… 5) Eggs, any style 6) Animal droppings. I’d make this one low-priority. 7) The word “stretch” written a bunch of different ways

Janet, you are the dopest of dope. Fortunately, I have a copy of Fontographer and a motherload of typefaces. I can’t do an eggs dingbat after seeing a particular episode of “Jackass”, and as for the droppings, its been done a hundred times. I’m sure there is a guy out there right now who’s college nickname was ‘Stretch’, and he is going to be all up on this baby. Hey Stretch, don’t thank me, thank Janet!
c. 01-19-2001

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