Barnaby - Fontalicious


A long time ago, before your computer could handle all the amazing fonts in your library, Fontalicious was cranking out typefaces at breakneck speed. Some of them would be considered “excessive” in that yesteryear we just discussed. So, instead of putting them all out there for you to recklessly download and clog up your system, we hid them away in different parts of the site. Barnaby is my man who guards these fonts. You might be able to find them by clicking somewhere you might not have thought to look, or by ambitiously scrolling down a page, but he’s good at his job, and he’s always finding new ways to hide them. So if you have the extra time, and you want to get V.I.P. status in the Fontalicious library, start looking around, you really never know where you’re gonna find ’em.
c. 04-22-2009

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